Our law firm was established in 2007 using experience gained by its founder in providing legal advisory services to commercial entities. Within 10 years of activity on the Warsaw market, we developed a team of several lawyers, and hundreds of clients took benefit of our services. Lawyers creating our team focus on professional advisory services under competitive conditions. We willingly co-operate with clients from different branches because we like to deepen our knowledge and new challenges. We focus on the efficiency of started actions with personal engagement. In order to provide services on the highest level to our clients, we co-operate with several specialists from related professions, including notary public, bailiff, tax consultants, patent attorneys, auditors, property and building appraisers.

We provide law services in Polish and English. The law firm is situated in the Warsaw district Ursynów, directly near the underground station Kabaty.


tel.: 0048 533 325 679


Beata Przyborowska

Senior Associate / Attorney-at-law

tel.: 0048 533 606 539


Stella Mazurkiewicz

Senior Associate / Attorney-at-law

tel.: 0048 533 325 677


Anna Kruczyk

Senior Associate / Attorney-at-law

tel.: 533 325 675


Bartosz Grykowski

Senior Associate / Attorney-at-law

tel.: 607 583 286


dr Marta Urbańska-Arendt

Attorney-at-law/ Of Counsel

Administrative staff


For over ten years we have been providing advisory services in matters connected with commercial activity by entrepreneurs and we help individual clients to solve their every day life problems. We provide our customers with very high standard of legal services.

We assume that there specializations are of key importance on the market of law services but you cannot be an extreme specialist without deep knowledge of key law areas. We provide our customers with complex legal advisory services. We realize matters entrusted us with great engagement taking into account interests and expectations of the customer.

We advise entrepreneurs to run their activities safely and effectively. We realize tasks entrusted us taking into account their business goal and branch specification of the customer. We are permanently developing both Corporation consultancy services as well as process skills. The law firm consults commercial entities in all legal forms, from one-person activities to developed organizational structures combining different legal forms in capital groups.
The law firm advises in M&A processes, divisions of companies, liquidation and insolvency proceedings. Regardless the branch of entity’s activity, ownership relations, registration requirements and help in elaborating internal documents are a key element of any commercial activity. We help our customers to choose activity form optimal for them and provide corporative consultancy in order to develop the business without excessive engagement in registration and statutory issues. Our aim is to consult and to advise any client and not one of its contractors.
Enforcement of liabilities is one of basic specializations in major law firms. Individual approach to any lawsuit and optimization of the enforcement process are features distinguishing us in this field. At present, the civil procedure provides some competitive methods of liability enforcement – ordinary, prescriptive, compulsory, simplified, Electronic Reminder Procedure. Each selected path of proceeding is connected with special consequences for the Client – amount of court fees, duration, opportunity to select the court or no such option. On the initial stage, the Client is any time informed on important results of any procedure and participates in its selection. After case initialization, lawyers of the law firm conduct court litigation consequently and with determination. In this area, we decisively focus on quality and efficiency and not number of conducted lawsuits.
We grant legal services for companies and capital groups from the development branch realizing simultaneously from one to several multimillion investments from multi-family housing and commercial branch. One of our leading customers is development capital group composing of several target companies. The total value of development projects we advised in, amounts to two billion PLN. We support our customers in the process of acquiring, developing and commercializing real estates – on each investment stage.
The law firm provides consulting for transport, moving and freight companies, in internal national transport and in international transport. We also provide current legal advisory services of one of leading capital group from this branch.
We prepare investment contracts, joint-venture contracts, we help to issue opinions concerning credit and loan contracts. Our law office is experienced in issuance of corporation bonds. It successfully realized projects at order of investment companies and banks.
We provide legal advisory services from HR branch. Many years long experience in legal advisory services of entrepreneurs employing up to some hundred of employees allowed us to develop a wide practice in the consultancy in the scope of labour law. We prepare and issue opinions concerning labour rules, remuneration, telework, anti-mobbing procedures and antidiscrimination procedures. The law firm consults also in the scope of non-competition contracts, creates managers’ contracts, including option contracts for higher level managers.
IT Branch is one of most dynamically developing economy fields. Our law firm supports companies from this branch in creating a legal model of new projects and helps to cope with more and more demanding regulations in the scope of the protection of personal data.
The law firm provides legal services to companies on specialized market of air catering. We advise in the scope of air catering. We consult in the scope of concession procedures and permits necessary to run activity on the market of air services. We conduct administration proceedings pending before the President of the Office for Civil Aviation.
The branch success results many times from unique products of the entrepreneur, services or recognizable, positively perceived brand. Their loss may result in several adverse consequences, especially in the loss of clients or competitiveness on the market. We provide our clients with professional support in the scope of protection of intellectual property rights and unfair competition – both on the stage of concluding contracts as well as in case of their violating.
Rich experience gained during providing advisory services to development companies makes us consult dwelling communities both on the stage of creating them as well as their current functioning. We help in preparing resolutions of meetings of owners, preparing and conducting a meeting, we are in the process of revoking or declaring non-existence of resolutions. Founder of the law firm worked out and successfully completed the procedure of finalization of development investment in case of financial problems of a developer, using regulations of the act on the ownership of premises. Applying non-standard solutions basing upon institutions existing in Polish legislation, lawyers of the law firm rescued hundreds of clients of development companies against loss of his life savings. Solutions very similar to those implemented by the Law Firm function at present in the development act.
Founder of the law firm, attorney-at-law Olgierd Świostek as one of first in Poland took on active realization of mortgage administrator obligations securing claims of bondholders of corporative bonds. As mortgage administrator, he worked out author’s mechanisms allowing enforcing rights due to bondholders – both on the court stage, as well as during bailiff proceedings.

Legal services

What may we do for you
Commercial and corporate law
  • Setting up and registration of companies, foundations and associations
  • Consultation on the optimal choice of legal form of activity in Poland
  • Corporate support at every stage of activity (drafting projects of resolutions, statutes and regulations)
  • Mergers, divisions, acquisitions and transformations
  • Agreements concerning purchase of shares or stocks and agreements regarding sale of the company
  • Cases regarding liability of management board members
  • Cases to state non-existence or invalidity of companies` resolutions
  • Handling cases concerning a ban on conducting business activity
  • Liquidation of legal entities
  • Representation in ongoing insolvency proceedings involving winding-up or reorganization of the debtor’s assets
  • Administrative procedures
  • Power of attorney and commercial power of attorney
Construction law
  • Due diligence of investment processes
  • Representation of clients in planning cases (local spatial management plans, decisions on building conditions)
  • Preparation of design works, construction works and agreements of author`s supervision
  • Representing clients in administrative proceedings to obtain permits necessary to conduct construction investments
  • Appeal procedures before administrative bodies
  • Representing clients in real estate litigation before administrative courts
Debt collection
  • Representation of clients in negotiations with debtor
  • Legal counsel concerning actions for payment, including cases considered under electronic writ of payment proceedings
  • Representation of parties before enforcement bodies
  • Securing claims (motions for seizure of a bank account or movables and for establishing of a mortgage)
  • Lodging claims in a bankrupt estate
Civil Law
  • Cases concerning contractual obligations, including actions for payment
  • Legal counsel in relation to a transactions connected with real estate (sale, purchase, in-kind contribution)
  • Lease agreements, lease with the right to collect fruits and development agreements
  • Contract of mandate, contract to perform a specified task or work and contract for provision of services
  • Denying the enforceability of the enforcement title
  • Securing transactions (bills of exchange, voluntary submission to execution, guaranties)
  • Cases for declaration of invalidity of agreements
Labor Law
  • Management contracts
  • Legal support concerning choice of the optimal form of employment (especially employment contract, management contract, civil law contract)
  • Redundancies and representation in disputes on employment contracts
  • Drafting internal legal and employment documentation, including work regulations
Copyright law
  • Copyright transfer agreements and agreements concerning industrial property
  • License agreements
Cooperative law
  • Legal counsel in managing a cooperative and housing cooperative
  • Preparation of statues, regulations, projects of resolutions and other internal documents of a cooperative
  • Preparing draft agreements
  • Claims due to performance, non-performance or defective performance of a contract
  • Assistance in regulating legal claim to the ground
  • Procedures concerning transfer of ownership
  • Representing in disputes with members of a cooperative
Civil law
  • Indemnities, compensations and remedies
  • Actions for payment
  • Demanding from the commune on behalf of a former tenant to pay damages for failure to deliver social housing ordered in a final court judgment
  • Legal advisory and preparing draft agreements
  • Cases of affirming a legal relationship`s existence
Real estate
  • Examination of real estate`s regulatory environment
  • Actions for updating of the register according to the actual legal status
  • Actions for resumption of real estate possession
  • Acquisitive prescription of a real estate property
  • Dissolution of co-ownership
  • Actions for breach of possession
  • Cases regarding easement appurtenant
  • Legal advisory in purchases and sales of real estate
  • Drafting contracts concerning real estate (contract of lease, temporary lease contract, contract of lease with the right to collect fruits)
  • Indemnities for contractless use of property
  • Actions for eviction
  • Property management (managing of property that is co-owned)
Inheritance law
  • Claims for legitime
  • Cases of disinheritance
  • Legal support in drafting wills
  • Actions for acquisition of an inheritance from a statue or from the will
  • Claims for distribution of inheritance
  • Obtaining court approval for the sale of the assets on behalf of minors
Labor law and social insurance
  • Individual and collective employment law matters
  • Appeal in a case for termination of an employment contract
  • Mobbing cases
  • Cases concerning overtime
  • Actions for recognition of the existence of an employment relation
  • Reviewing employment contracts and contracts of mandate
Debt collection
  • Representation of clients in negotiations with debtor
  • Legal counsel concerning actions for payment, including cases considered under electronic writ of payment proceedings
  • Representation of parties before enforcement bodies
  • Securing claims (motions for seizure of a bank account or movables and for establishing of a mortgage)
  • Lodging claims in a bankrupt estate
Criminal law
  • Defense of individuals charged with criminal conduct
  • Representation of crime victims and subsidiary prosecutors
  • Preparation of private indictments
  • Legal assistance in cases of postponement and interrupted penalty